Workshop on pipette calibration & verification techniques

Published : 11 August 2020


Improper pipette calibration and verification have significant impacts on test accuracy, thus leading to questionable results from your labs. Along with improper techniques and poorly maintained pipettes, these may lead to regular cost increases and low productivity due to the need to repeat tests. To help reduce pipetting inaccuracies and poor repeatability, ARC has taken the initiative to conduct WORKSHOP ON PIPETTE CALIBRATION & VERIFICATION TECHNIQUES

The workshop is intended to refresh participants with the following:

i.                     Proper pipetting techniques,

ii.                   Basic pipette maintenance

iii.                 “Hands on” pipette calibration and verification using gravimetric method.

At the end of the workshop, participants will be able to identify factors influencing pipetting accuracy; get a variety of tips on how to boosts pipetting skills and improve on any pipetting flaws.

Most important of all, you will learn to calibrate and verify your pipette using the established method that conform to ISO 8655 standards. This will significantly help your team’s productivity and overall effectiveness, thereby significantly helping you in reducing overall costs.

Join us this 12th August 2020. See you there!!


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