Aptamers as the powerhouse of dot blot assays

Published : 03 June 2021

Dr. Citartan A/l Marimuthu
Authors : Marimuthu Citartan
Titles of Publication : Aptamers as the powerhouse of dot blot assays
Journal Name : Talanta
Quartile : Q1
Impact Factor : 5.339
Description : Dot blot assays have always been associated with antibodies as the main molecular recognition element, which are widely employed in a myriad of diagnostic applications. With the rising of aptamers as the equivalent molecular recognition elements of antibodies, dot blot assays are also one of the diagnostic avenues that should be scrutinized for their amenability with aptamers as the potential surrogates of antibodies. In this review, the stepwise procedures of an aptamer-based dot blot assays are underscored before reviewing the existing aptamer-based dot blot assays developed so far. Most of the applications center on monitoring the progress of SELEX and as the validatory assays to assess the potency of aptamer candidates. For the purpose of diagnostics, the current effort is still languid and as such possible suggestions to galvanize the move to spur the aptamer-based dot blot assays to a point-of-care arena are discussed.

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