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GE DoseWatch Software: Insights from Dr. Noor Diyana Osman

Published : 24 September 2020

GE HEALTHCARE ASEAN, September 16 2020 -

This is a testimonial shared by Dr. Noor Diyana Osman on her experience using DosewatchTM software for GE Healthcare ASEAN marketing communication. DoseWatchTM is a dose management software that helps dose-team in diagnostic radiology at a hospital to manage radiation and achieve dose excellence. At AMDI USM, the dose-team involves medical physicists, radiologists, and radiographers that work as a team to ensure the dose optimisation and justification of imaging practice.

We have been leveraging the DoseWatch™ software at our centre, Imaging Unit, Advanced Medical and Dental Institute, Universiti Sains Malaysia, Penang since December 2018. We are very honoured to have been given the opportunity by GE Healthcare ASEAN to conduct the software trial at AMDI USM. This offer has fostered research collaboration with GE Healthcare ASEAN as well as improvement in our local imaging practice. 

DoseWatch™ is an innovative dose management solution that enables us to monitor and review our patient’s radiation exposure by automatically collecting and analysing radiation dose involving large patient database from picture archiving and communication system (PACS). 

This software also enables us to evaluate our current imaging practice and improve local radiation safety program. Before the commencement of DoseWatch™ trial, our previous published work in establishment of local Dose Reference Levels (DRLs) for computed tomography (CT) examination at AMDI, all the dose data retrievement were done manually, that was a tedious time-consuming process.

However, based on our initial experience of leveraging DoseWatch™, our workflow in monitoring the radiation dose delivered to patients has improved remarkably and the software has assisted us in ensuring that the delivered doses are constantly kept at ‘As low as reasonably achievable (ALARA)’ and provide better patient care. Besides, this software also allows our team to identify unusual dose that exceeded the reference dose levels during the dose audit.

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