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ONLINE WEBINAR, March 23 2021 -
Learning Happens the Frivo Way 

Assalamualaikum and Good Day, 

AMDI, USM proudly presents FrivoVideo@USM programme, a frivolous learning activity in a  COMPETITION platform for STUDENTS all over the WORLD to share your stories, talents, passion, skills, joy or any life changing experience.  

We will live stream the inaugural Frivo Video 2021 session: 

Date : 23 March 2021 
Time : 3 pm – 5 pm  
Platform :  Facebook live streaming at Advanced Medical and Dental Institute, USM 

For USM staff and students, kindly click at for registration. Programme evaluation link for CPD will be opened at the end of the webinar (MYCPD/MYCSD). 

For non-USM participants, kindly register at

All are invited to join. Please extend our invitation to your circle of friends, students or colleagues. See you there!

Click here to view the video montage...

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