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FrivoVideo@USM is a platform where STUDENTS are given opportunities to present their learning outcomes in a relaxed situation among their peers. The programme allows students to increase their self-confidence, public speaking techniques as well as communication skills. 

The theme of the programme is ‘Imagine. Explore. Experience; Learning Happens the Frivo Way". As the theme suggests, students are encouraged to imagine on how they can learn new knowledge, skills, life experiences or curiosity. The methods can be something mundane, explorative, or experimental; but gathered outside of the classroom and formal curriculum.

The frivo programme will be held every month from APRIL to NOVEMBER 2021 via Live Streaming at AMDI Facebook (Link

REGISTER NOW and WIN PRIZES !!! Highlight your learning journey, what you did, what you learned and how that has enriched your life? Articulate and Share in a 3-minute in video presentation.

Click at for Guidelines and Registration for Video Presentation..

Click here to view Frivo Video Montage

Please direct your questions to:

Puan Hasniza Amno ( / 010-4048010)
FrivoVideo@USM 2021

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