Health on Wheels: PPUSMB Nurses Empower Communities Through Awareness at Jom Masuk U (Zon Utara) 2023

Published : 29 May 2023

The Medical Couch bus, PPUSMB
UITM MERBOK KEDAH, May 27 2023 -
The Jom Masuk U (Zon Utara) carnival program, organized by the Department of Higher Education (JPT), provides opportunities for individuals planning to apply for admission to UA/IPTA and Polytechnic in 2023. This two-day carnival took place on May 27, 2023, and May 28, 2023, at UITM Merbok, Sungai Petani. As part of this event, PPUSMB was invited to offer health screening services and education. Led by Senior Staff Nurse Divanee Chandrasegar from the Nursing Department of PPUSM, the team of 8 members focused on raising awareness about the importance of Breast Self-Examination and Pap Smears in women's health.


During the program, the Nurses from PPUSMB conducted various activities to promote breast and cervical cancer awareness. The Medical Couch bus served as a central hub for health screenings and educational sessions. Visitors received informative sessions on breast self-examination, emphasizing the significance of regular screenings. The team highlighted the importance of self-examinations and encouraged individuals to seek medical attention if they noticed any abnormalities or changes in their breast anatomy. Additionally, they actively promoted awareness about Pap smears for cervical cancer detection and prevention by offering sample taking and health education for free.

The nurses at PPUSMB engaged with visitors, with a particular focus on girls and young women, providing comprehensive education on breast self-examination techniques and stressing the importance of regular screenings. Notably, Senior Nurse Divanee Chandrasegar also actively educated boys and young men about breast cancer awareness, dispelling the misconception that it only affects women. By actively engaging with students, teachers, and the public, the PPUSMB team fostered an atmosphere of learning and health advocacy, embracing individuals from various cultural backgrounds.

PPUSMB's participation in Jom Masuk U (Zon Utara) 2023 highlighted their commitment to promoting health awareness and empowering the public to prioritize their well-being. Through their dedication and efforts, the Nursing PPUSMB team played a crucial role in enhancing health awareness and empowering the community during the carnival. Their contribution and knowledge contributed to educating participants about preventive care and early intervention.

Collaborations and initiatives like these pave the way for building a healthier society, where individuals are informed and empowered to take control of their well-being. By staying informed, staying empowered, and prioritizing their health, individuals can lead healthier lives and make a positive impact on their communities.

Stay informed, stay empowered, and stay healthy!

Editor for this report:

Divanee chandrasegar,Hamidah Othman, Norhayati Abdul Razak, Azizah Tahir, Rosmira Ramli, Aizam Shazurawati, Marlinawati Ramli, and Nurfarzana Faiqa.

SDG 3 - Ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all at all ages
SDG 17 - Strengthen the means of implementation and revitalize the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development
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