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The Surprisingly Positive Effects of Blood Donation

Dinesh Parakash A/L Subramaniam and Sharifah Azdiana Tuan Din Transfusion Medicine, Advanced Medical and Dental Institute, USM In Malaysia, the national use of blood averaged out to be about 2,000 units per day (1).In other words, there's a ...

Photo by Kementerian Kesihatan Malaysia (KKM) 09 May 2023 by DINESH PARAKASH

Are We Eating Microplastics?

What’s for dinner? Lego sushi, credit card burgers, or a well-done piece of PVC pipe? These might be extreme examples, but they can readily illustrate the total amount of small plastic particles that humans consume each day over time.A study by the ...


Kanser kepala dan leher: kesedaran ke arah kualiti kehidupan yang lebih baik

April adalah Bulan Kesedaran Kanser Kepala dan Leher, inilah masanya untuk meningkatkan kesedaran tentang tanda-tanda, gejala, dan faktor risiko kanser ini. Kanser kepala ...

Photo by Dr. Muhamad Yusri Musa 11 April 2023 by MUHAMAD YUSRI BIN MUSA

Safety Data Sheet (SDS) and why is it relevant to you?

If you are using chemicals at your workplace, you are most likely at risk to be exposed to the substance/s that you are handling. Exposure to chemicals can lead to variety of injuries and illnesses including burns, rashes, systemic damage, and ...

Photo by Pixabay (Photo by Pixabay from Pexels: 11 April 2023 by MAISARAH NASUTION BINTI WARAS

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